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Since the first edition of 1995 the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" expanded its leading position as the ultimate Live Music Directory and as a Gig Finder became the legendary "Musician's Survival Handbook" and "Booker's Bible". Not without reason, as the BACKSTAGE Gig Guide since more than ten years presents the biggest job market for musicians of all styles.

If you really want to know where the music plays, the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" is the first choice, as the following graphics and screenshots demonstrate.



The "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" is the biggest Livemusic database of the Europe. As a musician you will nowhere find more gigs, resp. as a music lover more informations about the world of live entertainment.


Content - Gig Guide Europe



Looking at the defined genres of the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" it shows that over 85% of the live entertainment of Europe and North America consitst of music programme.


Genres Live-Entertainment - Gig Guide Europe



As the first three printed versions of the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" covered Germany only, since 1998 on CD we also took Austria and Switzerland in the Gig Guide. Since 2001 we widened our horizon from the German spoken countries to the whole Europe (and since 2004 to North America).


Content by countries - Gig Guide Europe



Looking at the venues, with 8.006 entries from Germany, 1.178 from Austria, 1.052 from Switzerland, 1.456 from France, 710 from Belgium, 1.223 from the Netherlands, 758 from Poland, 375 from the Czech Republic, 220 from Hungary, 316 from Denmark, 217 from Norway, 409 from Sweden, 180 from Finland, 508 from Russia, 1.554 from Italy, 478 from Spain, 1.923 from the United Kingdom, 183 from Ireland and 515 more venues from Europe the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" shows to be the leading European resource.


Venues by countries - Gig Guide Europe



In categories the venue part looks as follows.


 Venues by categories - Gig Guide Europe



Naturally the heart of the BACKSTAGE GigGuide are the stages. 3.297 music clubs, 851 concert halls and 3.765 theatres europewide you'll find only here.


Stages by countries - Gig Guide Europe



Looking at the festivals with 3.107 entries from Germany, 480 from Austria, 482 from Switzerland, 1.000 from France, 427 from Belgium, 522 from the Netherlands, 224 from Poland, 166 from the Czech Republic, 53 from Hungary, 146 from Denmark, 202 from Norway, 172 from Sweden, 160 from Finland, 31 from Russia, 722 from Italy, 251 from Spain, 727 from the United Kingdom, 69 from Ireland and 310 more festivals from Europe it shows that the international part of the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" is even wider spreadened than the venues.


Festivals by countries - Gig Guide Europe



About 86% of the festivals in the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" are more or less pure music festivals.


                                        Festivals by Genres - Gig Guide Europe



By the Startpage (self opening if autostart is activated) you directly can enter the biggest country databases or choose the special tableaus as shown and described below.






In the List layout, over five screens sideways scrollable, by simple clicking the head of each columm you can sort the records you selected in ascendeing or descending order. An extra layout (without picture) allows further sorting possibilities.

For a short time you will get 675 Music Magazines (print) as an extra-bonus - see yellow marker.


List (optimized for 1024x768)



The extra feature Dater calls all dates of the Gig Guide and shows them in a special layout.





The Filecard shows all fields of the record clear structured and eye-friendly. In each case the first of the two fields for Telephone, Mobile und Facsimile has a button for dial up. Of course, you can directly send an email by chosing one of up to six  fields or visit one of up to five homepages per record. Also you can print yor Worksheet (see below) by one click.If you copied the BACKSTAGE Gig Guide to your hard drive as recommended or have the USB-version, the yellow Project, Marker and Text fields are open for your (nearly) unllimited comments, notes, codes etc.. Of course, you can also seek and sort by this fields.





In the "BACKSTAGE Gig Guide" you can seek in all fields of the database. Of course, also with and/or function.


Layout Seek



In all layouts you can choose the Help window with infos how to use the Gig Guide.





By clicking the flags of the Venue map you can directly get into the venue list of each country in Europe and North America. You can also choose venues by music style with one click from here. The same layout in red for the festivals -> Festival map  is (not shown here).


Venue map international



By the layout Venue List you can directly choose the venues in 44 countries. There is another layout -> Festival List for direct access to the festivals in 41 countries (not shown here).


Venue list international



The layout Venues Citylist works as an int'l szene guide. In alphabetical order you can choose from 210 cities by one click. In this layout we only show cities with at least a dozen (up to several hundred) entries in the Gig Guide.


Venues citylist



This layout leads you to the Competitions and Fairs by country.


Competitions / Fairs - by country



With the layout Musicstyle you can easily choose venues, festivals or both from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the Czech Republic by music style.





The layout Postal-/ ZIP-Code / Category allows you to choose venues, festivals and competitions by one click. By Postal-/ ZIP-Code, by capacity and by the kind of venue, such as musicclub, concert hall, culture or youth center, theater, pub etc.. Additionally the venues with regular sessions or open mic events international, from Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and from the Czech Republic. Furthermore an int'l Cityguide for stages and venues (Live Music and Theater) of our 24 biggest files with minimum 100 up to 500 entries.


Postal-/ ZIP-Code / Category



With the Calendar you choose by month all festivals, competitions and fairs or only the festivals from Australia, elgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and the Czech Republic and shows them in the layout Dater (see above).





With the Codebook you can seeek by over 500 keyords and list the files with one click.





The layout Edit offers you to hand out the selected records in many different formats, such as promosticker, label, letter, telephone- and adresslist.





The BACKSTAGE Worksheet prints out the complete data of the selected record(s) on a special designed sheet in format A4. This is very useful for notes, dates etc.. If there are some entries in your yellow Project and/or Text field(s) (see above), they will be automatic filled in at the head and the text spaces of this sheet and printed out as well if you want.





Th integrated Notebook allows you to edit and manage all your individual notes, dates, texts and pictures. In addition they will be inserted automatic in the worksheet (see above).

All your personal entries will be recorded in separate files ("Client" for text and "Clientpic" for pictures), so you can keep your personal stuff and easily take it over when you update your BACKSTAGE Gig Guide. All relations to the Gig Guide will be saved as well.


Notebook, filecard



You can export all fields of the Gig Guide in all common formats, such as .tab, .csv, .slk, .dbf, .dif, .wk1, .bas, .mer, .htm, .fp5 and .xme.





The layout Abk lists all abbreviations we use in the BACKSTAGE Gig Guide.






  The BACKSTAGE Gig Guide Europe is a professional Filemaker®-runtime and works with Windows from 95/NT ascending. There is also a Mac OS-X version available. We actualize it permanently, therefore it is available only directly by us. At present time (June 2011) the Gig Guide Europe contains 31.630 records and will only be manufactured on demand and individual numbered for each customer. The price for 76 megabyte pure information by download (zipped) is only 84,- Euro. We deliver by prepay, also by PayPal.

More Versions see: BACKSTAGE Gig Guide.



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